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Creative Thinking Techniques

An interactive approach to generating ideas to solve problems

As Edward De Bono said "A good idea only has to be practical in hindsight".

This is a practical tool for generating creative and lateral thinking ideas to solve real life problems.

All you have to do is type-in your problem, then choose from a range of different techniques to generate possible solutions and apply them.

This app helps you generate a large number of potential solutions, from which one or more ‘diamonds’ can emerge.

You will be able to apply the Analogy techniques of:

> What's it like?

> How's it like?

> What kind of problem?

You will also be able to apply the ‘Consult’ techniques of using:

> A professional

> A special individual

> The Random Oracle

> The Court Jester

You can then use the power of the subconscious through ‘Incubation’

This is an app to use when you need to solve a problem, whether it be work related or something else.