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The Knowledge & Experience Grid Booklet
(Lulu 2014)

Carry out a Learning / Development / Training Needs Analysis for individuals or groups with this unique tool.

A Knowledge & Experience Grid is a tool for identifying the learning & development needs of individuals and groups.

It works by enabling respondents to indicate their knowledge and experience levels against a set of topics relevant to their work area (which you determine).

The process identifies any knowledge and experience gaps and indicates how they can be filled by appropriate training or development activities.

The K&E Grid provides a visual rather than statistical indication of both individual and group learning & development needs

You get not only an indication of what learning & development is needed, but also how the needs can be met most effectively

And….it can all fit on one side of A4 paper

The full K&E Grid booklet has all the information you need to undertake a learning needs analysis.


33 pages (9”x 6”)

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K&E Grid - Master Template.docx

K&E Grid Master

K&E - Development Plan .docx

K&E Development Plan

K&E Grid - Master Collation Template.docx

K&E Group Collation Tables

Price:   £9.99 Training Needs Analysis (The Knowledge & Experience Grid)