Action Learning

Action Learning


A Mind Map that summarises what Action learning is, and a process for running an Action Learning Set.



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This is a Mind Map providing you with the key facts about Action Learning (AL). It covers what AL is, the background history of AL / the AL ‘formula’ for effective learning, the types of problems that AL can help to solve, and the process of running a typical AL group meeting.

The theory of action learning was originally developed by Reg Revans who applied the method to support organizational and business development initiatives and improve on problem solving efforts.

The action learning process includes:

  1. a real problem that is important, critical, and usually complex,
  2. a diverse problem-solving team or “set”,
  3. a process that promotes curiosity, inquiry, and reflection,
  4. a requirement that talk be converted into action and, ultimately, a solution, and
  5. a commitment to learning.

In most forms of action learning, a coach is included and is responsible for promoting and facilitating learning, as well as encouraging the team to be self-managing.

Since action learning has proven to be very effective in developing a number of individual leadership and team problem-solving skills, it has become a component in corporate and organizational leadership development programs. This strategy is different from the “one size fits all” curriculum that is characteristic of many training and development programs.


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